Just Me

by Noah Kellem

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released January 17, 2017

Written, recorded, and produced by Noah Kellem
Album art thanks to my embarrassing childhood

Super super special thanks to the fine members of Hotel 168 for putting up with me long enough to record drums. You dudes rock.



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Noah Kellem Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: All My Friends Are Dead
All my friends are dead
At least that's what they said
Cause if they were alive
I'd see them from time to time
I wonder if they even think
About me when I get ditched to drink
At some shitty local bar
Man this friendship won't go far

And I realize it's not sexy
To write songs about being lonely
But if it keeps me out of therapy
And gets me through the week
And now I understand Kevin when he said
"Don't kill yourself to raise the dead"
I got dangerously close to joining them

There's only so much I can do
Try so hard to get through to you
You've all been taking me for granted
Your view on our relationship is skewed and slanted
But it's okay I've found some folks
Who don't treat me like I'm a joke
And don't only come 'round when they've got nothing
Better to do oh you're a piece of something
Track Name: Paper Globes and Sugar Pyramids
I could write you all the notes I ever wanted
Steal your heart and wholly absconded
But knowing you that would never work
You'd think I was a creep and treat me like every other jerk
Instead I think I'll opt for subtlety
And write down sweet nothings filled with blasphemy
So here's the love song I never wrote for you
All about the love you never gave me

So here's to marriage at 35
The pact we never made and my only question why
I guess it's just one of those things that will get left in time
But I'll still be thinking of you even when I am out of mine

I still miss the nights we used to spend on my couch
Watching Always Sunny and talking about
Our pasts and how crazy they seemed
But with you they only gleamed
And I've purposely left out all those context clues
Cause I'm too scared you'll figure this out
And who knows, maybe my fears will come to fruition
With all the cards out on the table consider this my admission
Track Name: Blech
I made it through another year
And I find myself asking "How the hell did I get here?"
I just don't feel any older
Just a kid with one more trip around the sun on this boulder
What am I proving with my small skill repertoire?
I wanna be more than just another whiny kid with a guitar
And I could give a seminar on being useless
A self-deprecating course on my life being fruitless

So let's hope
That it's not my time to go
Cause I've got nothin' to show
I just need a little more time to grow
So please
I'm not ready and god don't tease
Cause I don't know if I can take it this week
Keep your comments sans tongue-in-cheek
I feel weak
I'm at my peak

I question my life choices almost every day
And even God couldn't explain why I feel this way
I never pictured silence being so loud
The deafening noise of a thousand nothings aloud